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REVIEW of the $35 60L Amazon Pack

March 6, 2019


What I like about this pack is that it's inexpensive, reasonably well made, very light, and crucially it's packable itself because it lacks an internal frame.  While I won't be taking it on a thru-hike, I'll be taking it on trips where a hike might happen too if the opportunity presents itself.  The girls wanna do "girl stuff", so I'm gonna run up a mountain.  Or, as I do a lot of kayaking, a rigid frame pack won't flex into the hold of my boat while this pack will.  


What I don't like about it is the side pockets where I typically store my water bottles are too tight.  This is easily adjusted for and is why nobody uses Nalgenes anymore.  The brain is not detachable either, but I don't really care about that.


I packed it with my winter packing list, 3 days of food, and a liter of water.  (That's a 15.6 lbs base weight + 5.2 lbs food and water = 20.8 lbs.)  I then did two 10 mile days totaling 20 miles in it on flat terrain.  It's a comfy high riding pack and I had no problem with it.  I actually enjoyed the soft close fit and am reminded of when we figured out that our Army Alice Packs were better without the frames attached and wore them "ranger style" for increased mobility and to cut weight.  This pack is far comfier than that and much lighter too!


Camp shoes, H2O, lighter, spork, headlamp, plastic plate/bowl, Pocket Rocket, Thermo-Felt cozy, pot, fuel, Frogg Toggs, ball cap, bandanna, x2 pr. socks, phone kit, glasses case, grey long john bottoms, gloves, hat, black long john top, 1/2 a green camp towel, purple food bag, sleeping bag w/liner, puffy down jacket, tent REI quarter Dome, x2 carabiners, Gerber machete (You don't?), sleep pad, the pack and rain cover, laid out on tent footprint which was also packed. Fifty feet of 550 cord bear line is not shown it's in the food bag.


Nice wide shoulder straps with load lifters.  Bear whistle in the chest strap.  Hip pouches.  And yes, it stands on its own!


These are not my actual camp shoes, nor are these the two carabiners I usually use, but I added these to complete the packing list.


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REVIEW of the $35 60L Amazon Pack

March 6, 2019

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